Nail Changes: More Than Meets the Eye

Nail Changes: More Than Meets the Eye


Your nails can be a window into your overall health, and psoriatic arthritis knows this all too well. If you’ve been noticing unusual changes in your nails—like pitting, discoloration, or separation from the nail bed—it’s time to delve deeper. These seemingly small changes might be a significant early sign that your body is giving you a heads-up about psoriatic arthritis.

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Tenderness and Warmth Around Joints

Pain, leg, knee

Sometimes, the subtler signs hold the most critical information. If you’ve been noticing tenderness and warmth around your joints, especially in areas like your fingers or toes, it’s time to acknowledge your body’s whispers. These sensations often arise due to inflammation, which is a central theme in psoriatic arthritis. Your body is offering you vital insights .






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