17 Symptoms Of Diabetes You Are Probably Ignoring

17. Fatigue

It is normal for your body to get tired after physical exertion and the simplest thing is that your body has not taken enough rest. But fatigue is a sign that accompanies diabetes because the body loses fuel and fails to do so. But fatigue always comes with diabetes because the body tries and fails to use the fuel that is put into it. In addition to this, if you ate your food and found yourself feeling very tired when the body should be full of energy. This is the biggest evidence that you are a diabetic. Number #9 Completely Shocked Me You Must Avoid It!

16. Excessive hunger and thirst

At this point, the body is busy processing glucose into the bloodstream. That is, water is withdrawn from the cells in the body to get rid of all that is surplus. However, this process contributes to the loss of important nutrients in the body, such as glucose itself. But this results in the body except for hunger and dehydration, which causes a person to just eat more food and drink. Number #9 Completely Shocked Me You Must Avoid It!

15. Frequent urination

It is normal when the excess glucose is eliminated by drawing water from all available cells. The kidneys, in turn, absorb and filter. As a result of the above, she will run to the toilet differently than usual, and all of this is to remove the buildup. This process will negatively affect the body because it will become very dry, it will also affect sleep because you will become tired and unable to sleep all night. Number #9 Completely Shocked Me You Must Avoid It!

14. Yeast infections

Vaginal tissue is one of the most common places for yeast infection. It is known that yeast thrives on excess sugar that is excreted from mucus, sweat, and urine as well. We understand from this that yeast infection is present in many places on the skin. But it is especially found in places that trap moisture. A dangerous matter may happen because of this infection, as it will be difficult to control this infection due to the weak immune system of diabetics. Number #9 Completely Shocked Me You Must Avoid It!

13. Erectile dysfunction

Uncontrolled diabetes causes erectile dysfunction in patients as it damages nerves and blood vessels. Discussion on this topic brings embarrassment, but erectile dysfunction greatly affects the relationship between a patient and his partner. This problem will cause difficulty for a male or female patient, as the last thing he will need in addition to diabetes is a failed relationship with an important person. It would be a good idea to put the embarrassment aside and speak to your doctor as soon as possible. Number #9 Completely Shocked Me You Must Avoid It!

12. Blurry vision

Diabetes has several effects on the eyes as it affects vision. The eye relies on some of the fluid around it and inside it to function properly. Dry lenses struggle to focus when warped, but in all cases, the problem is resolved with proper diabetes management. It is important to deter diabetes because if left without it, nerve damage will occur. This is not a good thing for patients at all. What causes permanent blindness is when new vessels in the back of the eye try to form over the damaged vessels. Number #9 Completely Shocked Me You Must Avoid It!

11. Slow-healing sores

It is normal for wounds and sores to take some time to heal, but if you notice they do not disappear. Know that the slow healing of wounds and ulcers is evidence of diabetes. Although the body’s healing system is compromised when excess glucose is expelled from the body, the group of opportunistic infections likes to take advantage of the body’s availability of sugar to feed on. Number #9 Completely Shocked Me You Must Avoid It!For More Click Open Next Page

10. Unexplained weight loss

It would be strange if you were able to eat as much as you want and still lose weight. Yes, it is very strange and terrible because every time your body fails to recover fuel from food. While the body is expected to gain weight, it loses it to stay alive. Diabetes is what causes the body to feel hungry, regardless of the amount it consumes each day and throughout the day. But this is not long-lasting in the long term. Number #9 Completely Shocked Me You Must Avoid It!

9. Nausea and vomiting

We now know that uncontrolled diabetes causes the body to burn fat at an unsustainable rate, which causes it to lose weight quickly. When the body does this process, it produces what are called ketones. The latter, if it accumulates in the blood, in particular, kills the patient with what is called diabetic ketoacidosis. These ketones are what cause people nausea and vomiting, especially those who have sensitive stomachs.

8. Painful or numb feet and legs

Diabetes has many dangerous effects that appear in patients. We are talking mainly about the feet and legs. Diabetes damages nerves and leads to atherosclerosis. All symptoms are interconnected, for example, poor blood flow, and nerve damage together lead to skin ulcers, as well as infections that take a long time to heal. The diabetic patient feels numbness in his legs, but the truth is he does not realize the extent of his suffering.

7. Swollen or tender gums

Because diabetes impairs the body’s ability to fight germs, you will find them in many places, if you do not find them living in bubbles. Germs prefer to live in damp places, and here we are talking especially about sharp teeth and all the soft tissues surrounding them. They are above everything that is placed on the teeth daily because the mouths are a suitable and special place for infection. If you see that your gums are not, as usual, loose, or appear in pus pockets. It is best to seek help immediately from the doctor.

6. Weird-smelling breath

The worst thing that affects diabetics is bad breath, it is a common occurrence for them and they are more susceptible to infection than others. What happens is that the gums become inflamed and cause bad breath. Not to mention the increase in blood sugar due to the effect on the metabolism process of the gums by the infected inflamed gums. Another source of this bad smell in the mouth is ketoacidosis. Another thing is that ketones at higher levels in the blood are associated with the sweet smell of the breath.

5. Frequent UTIs

The pains caused by a urinary tract infection cannot be ignored, as they are like urinating on fire or like small knives. One of the most important reasons why diabetics are exposed to these pain-causing infections is poor blood circulation. As these white blood cells find it difficult to reach the affected area. The higher the blood sugar level, the greater the risk of infection. We know that the infection will contribute greatly to increased urination. The fluid in the bladder contains a large proportion of sugars, and a bladder is a suitable place for infection.

4. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

A serious problem for many women who suffer from it. It is mainly the cause of infertility and the major cause of insulin resistance. The dangerous thing that few people know is that 50% of women with PCOS will develop diabetes. This is why most doctors recommend that women with PCOS change their healthy lifestyles when diagnosed with PCOS.

3. Skin darkening

Often this symptom is called acanthosis nigricans, as the skin appears to darken and thickens the skin, especially in the folds of the skin. The leather is velvety to the touch and the leather is darker and slightly raised. And the most common places where it is found are the armpits, neck, breasts, or thighs. Doctors believe that acanthosis nigricans is due to diabetes and is primarily linked to insulin resistance .

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